Refrigeration and AC Compressors Evolve to Meet Global Sustainability Goals


Manufacturers in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors market are working towards producing efficient compressors for catering to the ever-growing government regulations. For instance, lately U.S DOE (Department of Energy) mandated a nearly 50% reduction in energy consumption on the evolving stand-alone commercial refrigeration compressors as measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) per day.

Apart from this, researchers in Singapore have developed a water-based air conditioning system that cools air without chemical refrigerants and energy-intensive compressors. This solution is expected to be a sustainable and cost-effective solution for regulating ambient air conditions.

Trending: Solar-Assisted Thermal Air Conditioning

Cooling costs account for a major share in the utility bills of government, industrial, commercial and residential applications. However, to reduce the costs related to air conditioning, Green Energy Solutions Inc. has focused on solar-assisted thermal air conditioning. The provider is of the point of view that solar thermal collector serves as the heat exchanger. Currently, Great Britain’s Solx Energy owns patent for the solar thermal technology, benefitting in refrigeration and air conditioning. Thermx, solar thermal collector helps the air conditioning compressor to run less, thereby saving costs. Moreover, the company mentioned that the expected life-span of solar thermal collector systems is nearly 25 years.

Key Developments

LG Electronics USA Inc. recently developed scroll compressors benefitting in commercial refrigeration together with two rotary and stage compressors beneficial for residential air conditioning systems.

  • The scroll refrigeration compressors caters to the need of reliability together with energy-effective and smooth operations. The next-gen scroll refrigeration compressors would be highly beneficial for applications that demand reliable and solid refrigeration system.
  • The all-new stage compressors are expected to benefit residential air conditioning applications for lowering energy consumption. The two-stage compressors feature weather-resistant solenoid, which helps in making service easy and the AC connector helps in simplifying electrical troubleshooting.
  • The rotary compressors are likely to benefit the residential applications for attaining ever-increasing effectiveness goals in apartments, homes as well as multifamily units.

In addition, US-based air conditioning company, Carrier Corporation recently developed high-speed screw compressor by testing it with new non-flammable and low pressure HFO (Hydrofluro-Olefins) refrigerant, in a bid to attain long-term solutions for air conditioning systems. The new air conditioning compressor employs new rotor design and high-speed permanent magnet motor for attaining flow volume of nearly 19.9Litres.

Manufacturers Focusing on NPD Strategies

Manufacturers in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors market are doing more with less by means of modulation, magnetic-bearing, vapor-compression, and oil-free technologies along with the adoption of low and natural GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants. In addition, manufacturers are also making heavy investments in R&D for building refrigeration and air conditioning compressors with high-performance, thereby catering to the price expectations of customers as well as equipment suppliers. This trend has significantly impacted on companies such as LG as the firm’s engineers have begun examining effectiveness of every step in manufacturing and development process.


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